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Here's The Plan

We plan to achieve our mission in three ways.

1. By spreading our message and defining Big-Tech Tyranny, and why it needs to stop.

2. Selling merchandise that funds start-ups and helps restore healthy competitive alternatives in the Tech industry.

3. Using some of the funds to develop in house software solutions competing with Big-Tech.

How Can YOU Help?

Help Fund Alt-Tech

In order to successfully take on Big-Tech Tyranny, our mission will require funding. You can provide this and get top of the line merch at the same time.

Spread our website

If you find yourself unavailable to provide support or are reasonably hesitant, we have a few solutions that don't require any purchase. One of them being the most basic yet most powerful marketing tactic of all, word of mouth.

Follow Our Socials

Another massive way to help is simply following and engaging with our social media accounts.

Use Our Software

Not only will you be able to take back control of your data and time but, our software acts as a dual wielding sword. First it liberates a user from Big-Tech's clutches and then it provides a second source of revenue for the mission.