Let's Take Back Tech!

Our mission is to protect your data and democratize technology.

You can help by using our FREE software platform that solves your problems instead of creating them.

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Why The Cause?

Inspired by a call for digital renewal, we envision a transparent, respectful and responsible Internet. One true to its promise of freedom and information democratization.

Our goal is to revive the Internet’s original spirit, ensuring it serves and empowers everyone equally. Join us in shaping a future where innovation thrives without sacrificing core values.

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Meet Chad

This is the story of how one alligator became a hero, but only after great loss. Now, he wants to warn you of the unparalleled power and tyranny of Big-Tech. So your home, family, and way of life may not meet the same fate as his.

They call him the hand of God, a swampy freedom fighter, but to most he is known as, Chad.

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What's Next?

If you want to be first to know when ANYTHING happens regarding our mission, software updates and expansions, Merch sales or giveaways and everything in between, then you HAVE to follow our fearless avatar Chad The Alligator.

To throw in some more value we'll make sure Chad's account is packed with humor and a never ending stream of his epicness.