This is the story of how one alligator became a hero, but only after great loss. Now, he wants to warn you of the unparalleled power and tyranny of Big-Tech. So your home, family, and way of life may not meet the same fate as his.

They call him the hand of God, a swampy freedom fighter, but to most he is known as, Chad.

(This is only a brief summary/excerpt of a book in progress, so it may have holes, but with your support we can pull off anything.)


Every hero has a backstory and Chad is no different, well, except the nature of his backstory.

Instead of descending from alien royalty or a horrible lab experiment gone wrong Chad comes from a normal background. (Or so it seems)

Chad's story begins in, shocker, a swamp, one in florida. He spent his whole life in his swamp, until hurricane Ian hit, and everything changed.

(It might seem like a while before Chad is introduced but this is necessary as to build the setting, plot, and antagonist.)

(Disclaimer, the following is a FICTIONAL story and should not be regarded as legitimate evidence. It is simply a piece of fantasy entertainment.)

The Puppet Master

While people were either evacuating or prepping for the coming storm something was lurking in a swamp deep within California, in a place called Silicon Valley. Within it, a meeting that could very well change the course of history was just starting.

A VC firm titled, TBL, (The Bottom Line) was in the middle of a presentation about an advanced drone and AI company named PHRX Technologies.

See, PHRX had breakthrough technologies, but it was unrealistically expensive to make just the prototypes of the drones or systems. So TBL made them a deal, one which set off a chain of reactions that would be thier downfall.

TBL wanted to use PHRX drones for an operation of data stealing from financial companies that recently relocated from New York to Florida.

Why? Well, obviously to manipulate the market and recoup some of the costs for funding PHRX.

It just so happened that hurricane Ian was the cover they needed.

Operation Market Manipulation

Unlike some technology VC firms who care about these radical ideas like "innovation", "responsible technology practices", and "data privacy." TBL only cared about three things; money, money, and the environment, just kidding, the third one was also money.

So with an elitist work environment like that it's not hard to see how a bunch of ivy league Technocrats were willing to bend the rules a bit and rob a data center.

But you might be asking, how they would physically do this operation, let alone get away with this.

As it turns out a few calls to some TBL funded Big-Tech companies was all it took. Primarily those specializing in weather reporting and logistics management.

A little delayed forecast here, and an overblown weather alert there, left a financial data center vulnerable to the hurricane with not enough time to evacuate the servers. Yet somehow there was enough time to send mysterious prototype weather-proof drones into the area to safely secure the data.

Except, the drones were never supposed to safely transport the data. Instead the true mission was to steal it, by none other than PHRX Technologies.

Selling to Both Sides

Once the orders were given to the Big-Tech companies to implement a deception operation. Some PHRX drones were shipped at lightspeed down to Florida.

Well, that's the official story, but everyone knows that when a military industrial company masquerading as a "tech company" like PHRX ships an oversized load, something always goes conveniently missing.

In this case some very high-tech and first generation combat drones disappeared into thin air.

It is a true mystery as to where the combat drones went. Well, that's a story for another time, onto breaking coverage of hurricane Ian. The news anchor stated,"The storm has somehow mutated from a category two into a five over-night, everyone surrounding the nroth Florida area should evacuate immediately."

Seemingly seconds after the broadcast PHRX drones came to the rescue to retrieve the data.

Now this was a legitimate operation on the surface, one where the drones were sent in and randevu with the owners of the servers. Everythign was public and honest, or so it seemed.

But, obviously the operation took a minor detour.

Swampy Collateral

After everything was in place for a successful "retrieval" the only thing left was a properly timed attack on the legitimate drones. While that might not make sense the reason will be revealed in the next segment.

Now you're probably wondering WHERE IS CHAD IN THIS STORY. This part of the story is when Chad comes in.

See, Chad's swamp was located right next to a data center. This data center just so happens to be one of PHRX's targets.

When the legitimate drones flew over the data center and removed the servers Chad was not in his swamp. He was out surveying the outside area for the massively exaggerated, hurricane Ian.

You can probably assume what happens next. When the drones retrieved the servers something was wrong, and out of the corner of the eye, disaster struck.


A missile from a PHRX combat drone struck a legitimate drone, and one crashed in Chad's Swamp. It didn't take long for most of the legitimate drones to meet their end, with most landing in Chad's Swamp and a few in the closely neighboring beach area.

Between the missiles, debris and electricity smothering the swamp there were no survivors. Everyone in Chad's swamp was gone and it was all Big-Tech's fault.

Indulgence Born From Dire Consequence

As the swamp burned the executives at TBL were throwing a premature cocktail party after the mission's success.

One intern didn't understand how blowing up and crashing some drones would make TBL any money. The CEO chuckled and proceeded to explain that the legitimate drones had an interior hard drive capable of withstanding the missiles and crashes.

See the goal wasn't to steal the data directly, it was to make it seem as if it was destroyed then retrieve the drones.

Everything seemed to be going great for the operation.

Little did they know that across the country, an alligator with nothing left to lose discovered the most powerful weapon of all, the gym.

CHAD & The 20k MGs Of Caffine

That's right, when Chad saw the state of his swamp he couldn't bear it, so he swam through the flooded streets of a nearby town and wound up in a gym. Tired and lonely he gazed at the only source of light in the building, a vending machine packed full of energy and protein drinks.

Legend has it that Chad consumed over 20,000 MG of caffeine. And so he worked out nonstop, until the caffeine and protein was so overwhelming that Chad's very DNA changed and he evolved into a humanoid alligator.

One that was filled with only one thing, REVENGE AGAINST BIG-TECH!

A Sneakish, Smackish, and Spectacular Suprise

At the swamp a few trucks arrived at the crash sites for a hard drive retrieval. Initially the operation went well, the hurricane had mostly cleared and nobody knew about the crash yet because of the tight information control. Well, at least no humans knew.

What happened next was almost poetic. When a worker was rummaging through the scrap of one of the drones he found a bird that was injured, yet still alive. The worker proceeded to call over his buddies. Instead of helping it or realizing the sheer amount of damage done by their employer, they laughed at the struggling bird.

But a swamp on fire wasn't the only thing unknown to them. Deep in the marshes was a very strong and phenomenally enraged alligator.

Seemingly out of nowhere Chad leaped into the air as if he was combining the art of a ninja with a graceful ballerina.

A few minutes was all it took for the trucks to be decimated, the equipment to be vaporized and only a few men left conscious. (Because Chad is cool and doesn't kill people following unintelligent orders.)

Chad's message struck fear into the hearts of the men,"Yuuorwwh teeal phf ach are ex teek CHAD SHALL DEFEND THIS BEACH!"

The Bitter Taste of Defeat

When you mess up at work your boss might give you two or three chances. In the military you will get demoted and scolded when it is your fault.

However, at TBL they do things slightly differently, so when the news of a humanoid alligator knocking out their crew hit, the CEO reacted well, differently.

After trashing his office and exiling half his board to siberia he finally came to his senses that the only logical solution was to order the mayor of the city near the datacenter (one which he donated to his campaign) to declare a state of emergency because of a terrorist attack.

That excuse would give PHRX emergency authorization to deploy their drones to Chad's Beach.

But Chad was ready.

An Unwritten Story and a Lone Warrior No More

But Chad was ready. 

While Chad may have been victorious in a small battle he knew that alone it was impossible to win the war.

As he pulled up a chair and cracked open a refreshing energy drink Chad found a phone of one of the workers that he knocked unconscious. On the phone Chad either made the biggest mistake of his life or a decision which would change the world for the better, forever.

Chad saw a little birdie on the screen and clicked it. Within twenty minutes of surfing Twitter Chad understood that his story of pain was far from an isolated case. (We could go on and on about how bad Big-Tech is but everybody already knows, and we are coming out with a clear mission strategy soon, so stay tuned.)

So Chad made a call...

one too everyone who has been traumatized or addicted by social media

one to anyone who has been unfairly censored or mislead by algorithms

one to anyone who has been deceived into feeding a ruthless website that manipulates and controls your very economic way of life

and most importantly, to anyone looking for the guilty of the effects listed above,

Chad requests that to find the guilty, you need only look in a mirror, but to also look into that same mirror and proclaim that the guily and damned have enough power to stand with Chad and defend,