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We have over 100 products with thousands of variations and are constantly expanding. So we guarantee there's something for everyone.

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Free Shipping

For all of our products there are no additional charges for shipping.

Fair&Clear Pricing

Experience value without breaking the bank.

Unlike name brand products with massive premiums just for a little logo, our pricing reflects our commitment to quality and fairness, ensuring you get the best without overpaying.

In addition we we prioritize accessibility and transparency for all our customers. (Unlike luxury or ecommerce companies that burn excess merch and provide little value relative to a high two or a three digit price tag.)

Eco-Friendly Production

Chad loves a green planet and a healthy environment. Our print-on-demand approach means less waste and more love for nature. Each product you order is created with minimal environmental impact, supporting a sustainable future. While this means a little extra wait time for shipping, it's a small step towards a big difference for our Earth.

Extensive Selection

Explore our diverse selection of innovative products, from tech gear to lifestyle accessories. Each category is curated to enhance your digital life, with exciting expansions on the horizon including coffee, supplements, and exclusive digital products.

Transparent Souring

The journey of our products to you is an open book. Proudly designed and printed in the USA, we offer a variety of sourcing options, including a China-free collection to meet diverse preferences and values. Choose what aligns with your principles — we cater to all.

Our Cause

Join us in the fight against Big-Tech control. Every purchase you make not only supports our mission to ensure digital freedom but also contributes to the development of a diverse range of software aimed at protecting your data and enhancing your tech experience.

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