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Meet Chad Shaker Pint Glass

Meet Chad Shaker Pint Glass

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Ultimate Social Proof

Our supplier is the ultimate form of social proof, they have fulfilled over 75 MILLION products. So you can trust the millions of happy customers sharing the same blank product as you.

• Glass material
• Volume: 16 oz (473 ml)
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe
• Simple yet durable design
• Can be used as a mixing glass

• This product was printed in the USA, with blank product components sourced from China. 


Timeless Elegance:

Enjoy the clear, durable glass, a classic embodiment of simple sophistication. 🍺✨

Lifestyle Versatility:

Envision mixing your favorite drinks, your Chad Shaker Pint Glass a conversation starter about power and perseverance. 🍹💬

Toast to Freedom:

Each toast is a unique celebration of our mission to end Big-Tech Tyranny. 🍻✊

Chad The Alligator's Distinctiveness: Relish the exclusive symbol of power and purpose that Chad brings, available only from Floridaman Technologies. 🐊💪

Eco-Conscious Celebration: 

Choosing our responsibly crafted, print-on-demand glass is a toast to sustainable living. 🌿🎉

Celebrate with purpose. Choose Chad.🚀💖

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
16 oz 3 ½ 5 ⅞
  WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm)
16 oz 8.9 15


🍸🌟 **Elegant Drinkware Addition:** The Meet Chad Shaker Pint Glass - Clear Edition is a versatile and stylish addition to your drinkware, suitable for various occasions.


🥳🍻 **Celebration-Ready:** Perfect for toasting with friends on special occasions, adding a sophisticated touch to your celebrations.


🍹🌙 **Cocktail Crafting Elegance:** Ideal for mixing up favorite cocktails, this glass brings both functionality and style to your mixology moments.


🌊🥤 **Daily Versatility:** Whether it's water or soda, this pint glass elevates the simplicity of everyday drinks with its elegance.


🌍🦅 **Durable and Stylish:** With robust construction, it’s a reliable choice for everyday use, while the clear design adds a classic flair.


✨🧵 **Classic Design Flair:** The clear, classic design enhances both your table setting and home bar, offering a stylish flair to any gathering.


💼🌆 **Dual Utility:** Its versatility as both a serving and mixing glass makes it indispensable for any beverage enthusiast.


🎩🛍️ **Sophisticated Drinking Experience:** Embrace this pint glass for a sophisticated and practical enhancement to your drinking experience.

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